not dead yet

things took a little bit longer than I previously hoped. I wound up stuck in los angeles for eight days. eight days in the riveting city of gardena. eight days of eating all the tacos and pupusas (they were delicious) in a ten block radius of my hotel.

it is now day two of quarantine in sydney. so far so good. the wifi appears to be solid. the room has a tea kettle. they bring me too much food.

i've already accidentally locked myself out of my paypal account and i'm still not sure how i'm going to handle laundry while stuck in here. i'd like to say this will be the most expensive fourteen day stay i will experience, but i have a strange feeling this will not be true. top five perhaps?

sydney is experiencing a small covid outbreak which they are taking very seriously. it is night and day compared to the two million plus cases of covid in california right now. on the bus ride over here from the airport, after the police officer found out we all arrived from the united states, he asked hows it going over there? and everyone on the bus immediately burst out laughing. he then sort of pondered aloud that maybe biden will do something to help. yeah, maybe.

the police officer who checked me into this place spent a minute or two staring at my passport, staring at the part where it says the city i was born, and trying to figure out where in australia is glendale? i replied glendale, california which definitely surprised him much more than i would have imagined.

and thus begins the new phase of my life.

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