moving on

I'm switching jobs. Its wasn't anything I planned to do. But I watched an increasing number of red flags fly past me and realized it was time for me to make a decision. So I did.

I also spent a lot of time thinking about how I got to this place and what I could have done to prevent it. After a lot of deliberation, I concluded that my issue was I did not interview my future boss. I did not ask probing questions during the interview stage to get a better sense of the team and the role (and I discovered after I took the job, even the job description was not accurate). So I walked into a job, expecting one thing, and was surprised to find a completely different environment and an incredibly unhealthy one.

I spent this past year at the job trying to make things work. I would have a few small victories. But overall, each win resulted in an even larger number of setbacks. On top of all of this toxicity, the job itself suddenly turned into burnout levels of customer service for the entire company. And the company was growing at an accelerated pace. I simply was not allocated enough time to do interesting and engaging work. And the work I was stuck with was incredibly mundane.

So I interviewed at a few other places. I eventually picked one. And then I asked to interview my potential future boss. They agreed. We met at a cafe and I grilled this person: team dynamics, management style, autonomy, on-call shifts, context switching, “senior” vs “junior”, career mobility, work/life balance, conflict resolution, unconscious bias, etc etc etc. We had an intense discussion. We maintained our boundaries. I told this person I respected that they did this. I took the job. I start in January.

Wish me luck.

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