i went to new orleans and all i got was this lousy blog

spent a few days in nola. ate a ton of food. saw some music. loitered at the ww2 museum. good times.

garden district

garden district serenity

ww2 museum

the stories of horatio algier are a myth

police state

tell it to the fbi, lol

super gay navy propaganda

the navy is super gay

super gay army propaganda

the army is super gay

japanese internment

national security trumps individual rights

manhattan project

manhattan project

the pirate absinthe bar

the pirate absinthe bar

church quiet zone


bathroom in a bar

sound advice from a bathroom in a bar

big chief

if it wasn't for the tv show, treme, i'd have no idea what this is

central business district

central business district

french quarter

french quarter

in front of the festival

outside the jazz festival

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