goodnight america, and good luck

finally, i'm leaving. it took a global pandemic and a mentally unstable roommate who harassed us to the point of driving us all from our home. this person then turned around and trashed the place. there is a bad side to hastily passed laws with good intentions and my state and county's eviction moratoriums were well meaning. unfortunately, all my rights were taken away in a matter of days and i had no support to stop this person. i tried the police. i tried the courts. nothing. for the first time in my life, i experienced what many people have already gone through for any number of reasons. i now know what its like when the services you expect to function and should promote fairness, fail. the decline of the united states has been slow moving for quite a few years now. its easy to casually ignore the signs and i certainly did. but i have an out. i've had an out since i was born. i can thank my mother for that. the entire world is so much bigger than this.

these past few months were my wake up call that i've been putting off my next step in life mostly out of complacency and fear. i've been slowly preparing to leave for years now but always hesitated at the last minute. but i am finally doing it. we are cleaning this place and then the house is going up for sale. that is the final thing keeping me here and fingers crossed i can unload it quickly and at a fair price. i will leave here with only a suitcase and a backpack. finally, i can start the minimal and nomadic life i've wanted.

i'm back in the neighborhood now but it feels foreign to me. after almost 20 years here, i've changed and my interests now lie elsewhere. its been a good run for sure, but honestly, i think about events that occurred here over the years and sometimes i don't even recognize myself in the memories.

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