almost the end of 2018

and what do i have to show for it? i took a bunch of chapstick from various tech conferences. i realized i do not enjoy attending tech conferences. i (temporarily) walked away from my presumed goals in order to change jobs. oddly enough, the new job is far more comfortable than the old job and i’m much more engaged and challenged. also, during the company christmas party, i drunkenly blurted out to my boss my plans to move to the other side of the world and he said he’s totally cool with it (or was that the alcohol talking? only time will tell).

i continue to downsize my life which involves much more than material possessions. i find myself at a bit of an impasse regarding what i want to do to satisfy a longing for meaning and fulfillment. i anticipate i am working my way towards disappearing entirely. not in the sense of something concern-worthy (no plans to commit suicide or anything like that), but rather, i am losing interest in maintaining a constructed presence such as an online persona or a personal brand. plus, i think i already hit my peak when it comes to my career so now i suspect i will just wrap this up over the next few years, coasting along in a senior position.

i will likely start seriously asking myself what really are my passions when i am not focused on the pursuit of money or notoriety. long story short, 2019 is going to be the year to revise my mental bucket list and go get some new hobbies.

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